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What is a long drink?
Long drink is a top selling category of alcohol in Finland that was first introduced for the 1952 Summer Games in Helsinki. To ease understaffed bars, the Finnish government commissioned the creation of a refreshing alcoholic drink. Nowadays there are many different brands available, just like there are a lot of beer brands.
What are the different varieties/flavors of long drinks?
  • Traditional. Citrus, 5.5% abv, all natural, gluten free.
  • Long Drink Zero - Citrus flavor. 0 sugar, 0 carbs, 99 calorie, 5% ABV. Gluten free, keto friendly.
  • Long Drink Strong. 8.5% ABV. Gluten free, all natural.
  • Long Drink Cranberry. 5.5% ABV, gluten free.
How many calories and carbs/sugar per can for each product?
  • Long Drink Traditional 180 calories and 18g carbs (sugar)
  • Long Drink Zero 99 calories and 0g carbs (sugar)
  • Long Drink Strong 230 calories and 18g carbs (sugar)
  • Long Drink Cranberry 160 calories and 15g carbs (sugar)
Are your products gluten-free?
Yep! Being made with distilled spirit they are gluten free.
I am on Keto diet. Do you have something for me?
Yep, Long Drink Zero is keto friendly!
I love the Long Drinks, live in a state they are currently sold, am a hard worker and am interested in open positions. Who should I send a note and my resume?
Thank you for your interest! You can email and your interest will be forwarded to the state lead for that state or you can keep abreast of all current openings on our dedicated vacancy site:
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